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The Ischua Valley Historical Society (IVHS) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to collect, preserve, research and interpret the historical and cultural heritage of the Ischua Valley region. We are working to set up a state-of-the-art research center where family genealogists and historians can perform their searches.

We are staffed by unpaid volunteers who support our mission, giving freely of their time and talent. Among those volunteers are the following individuals:

Al Fish, President - Al works tirelessly to ensure that administrative details are adhered to and completed efficiently, and oversees our monthly Board Meetings. He also contributes his time and talent assisting with restoration and conservation projects.

Bruce Fredrickson, Vice President - Bruce is always in attemdamce at our monthly Board Meetings. He contributes his time and talent assisting with restoration and conservation projects.

Carol Merkle, Treasurer - Carol is our newly elected Treasurer. She is responsible for paying bills and keeping our accounts in order. This is no easy task. We appreciate her stepping into the position after long-time treasurer Duane Walker moved to Oregon.

Peter Molyneaux, Secretary - Peter records minutes of our monthly meetings and keeps track of our events. In addition, Peter contributes his time and impressive talents taking photographs of our events and the 3 historical properties owned by the IVHS. Future generations will appreciate being the beneficiaries of his efforts. Peter also created his own IVHS Facebook page which includes some of his photographs

Maggie Fredrickson, Newsletter Editor - Maggie, a decades-long IVHS member and volunteer, is a retired school teacher, and a walking history book. Her extensive historical knowledge of the Ischua Valley is remarkable. She devotes her time to writing the IVHS quarterly newsletters, compiling and organizing our collection of documents, photographs, artifacts, etc. Maggie handles research questions from the public. In addition, she uses her own resources to acquire historical letters, photographs, postcards, books, documents, etc. which she contributes to the IVHS collections.

If all that were not enough, she contributes her time and talent in planning and organizing our Annual Flag Day Celebrations, Annual 4th of July Picnics, Annual Harvest Dinners, Annual Christmas Partys when feasible, Weddings at the Miner's Cabin, and the IVHS participation at Franklinville's Maple Festival. Finally, Maggie finds and engages guest speakers/historians for some of these events, and for our monthly Board Meetings.

Our Webmaster - In 2010, our Webmaster, a direct-line descendant of General Joseph McCluer, volunteered time, talent and treasure to create and maintain our website at the instruction of Maggie Fredrickson. All costs (hosting and domain name) are paid for by our Webmaster.

In 2011, at the direction of Maggie Fredrickson, our Webmaster offered to design a new newsletter format with images and links to additional information. The option to receive our newsletter via email was offered, which saves IVHS some of the cost of printing and postage. Subsequent publications of the IVHS Newsletters are still performed by our Webmaster.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of Board Members who attend monthly meetings, and volunteer for our activities and events. They include: Elizabeth Conner, Scott Floyd, Terry Hahn, Tammy LeJeune, Mark Werwinski, and Terri Wersinski.

If you are a local resident and would like to contribute your time and/or talent to our mission, please contact Maggie Fredrickson at (716) 353-0290.

Historical Properties Owned by the IVHS

Updated: 08 Sep 2023

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