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After the death of Earl S. Wright, in 1965, the last of the old family who lived in the 1814 "Salt-Box" house in Cadiz, Mrs. W. J. Prescott, next-door neighbor, purchased the old home and land surrounding it. Upon inspection of the interior of the home, Mrs. Prescott decided to broach the subject of forming a historical society to a representative group of citizens. All favored the idea.

Letters were written to the New York State Historical Society and New York State Council on the Arts. The latter sent a representative to evaluate the Cadiz property as to its suitability for restoration. The report was favorable and the project was launched.

The name, Ischua Valley Historical Society, was suggested by Webb H. Edwards at the March 14, 1966 meeting at the Blount Library. All members approved. Officers chosen were: President-Mrs. W. J. Prescott; Secretary-Mrs. Richard Hall; and Treasurer-Mrs. Lee Lane. A constitution and by-laws were adopted. Incorporation was approved. The "Salt-Box" house was leased by the Society until such time as more money was available.

A "Master Plan" was formulated and sent to the Office of State History at Albany. This plan included: Topographic Map-boundaries, physical features, roads, buildings in scale; Zoning and Utilities plan for the area; Historical Base Map; Measured Drawings and Floor Plans to be filed in the Library of Congress (Howard Ballard did the Floor Plans); List of furnishings; present and proposed.

In April of 1966 the Society did its first Maple Festival Exhibit. In 1968 the Society started its Country Store theme at the Festival, selling pickles, cheese, candy, and bazaar items.

In September of 1966, IVHS's incorporation papers were signed by W. H. Edwards, Harold Carter, Ruth Prescott, Howard Ballard, and Raymond Cross. The Society's Provisional Charter was approved September 23, 1966. On April 23, 1970, the Ischua Valley Historical Society received its Absolute Charter. Mrs. Julia Reinstein of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society on September 20, 1970 was the speaker at the ceremony presenting the Absolute Charter to the IVHS membership and the public at the grade school building on North Main Street.

Late in 1970, the First Trust Union Bank offered to the Society, for the price of back taxes, the "Miner's Cabin."• On January 27, 1971 the Society decided to purchase the three story Victorian style house at #9 Pine Street. This house had been built in 1895 by Simeon Robbins, who had made money in the Alaskan 'Klondyke' Goldrush. The offers of money from various persons in the Society and in the community made possible such an undertaking by the Society. The previous year IVHS had purchased the "Salt-Box" house at Cadiz from Mrs. Prescott, with Mrs. Prescott holding the mortgage. The donations coming in now enabled the Society to pay off the mortgage, as well as complete the purchase of the Miner's Cabin. In addition, the front porch was rebuilt that summer and a new boiler for the heating system was installed. In 1972, the Miner's Cabin was rewired. In 1973, it received a new roof. In 1974, interior repairs are anticipated. The Society functions on a pay-as-it­goes basis.

In 1970 the first Annual Antique Show was held by IVHS. This has become an annual affair. The Society also holds a Country Style supper each October. A newsletter is published quarterly. Two mill stones from the Grierson Mill are on display at the Cadiz property. The Cadiz property was reroofed in 1972.

IVHS meets the fourth Wednesday of each month. The business meetings are followed by programs designed to be informative to the membership. People of the Ischua Valley have been most generous in donating their precious artifacts and documents. James M. Cash has donated legal services. The goal of the Society is to preserve the history of the Ischua Valley and make the inhabitants of the area cognizant of their heritage.

Officers for the 1974-75 year are: Treasurer-Leslie Lockwood; Secretary-Mrs. Wayne Feeman; Director-Harriette Hawley; Vice-President-E. Merle Cornell; and President-Robert F. Chrestensen.

Mr. Chrestensen was active in helping the IVHS to prevent demolition of the Miner's Cabin and has been instrumental in the publication of this historical book by the IVHS.

~ From the "Franklinville Centennials" book published in 1974 by the Ischua Valley Historical Society, Page 88

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