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  Springville Murderer Caught in Machias Junction
Warren Widrig, the Springville man whose erratic actions for the past few weeks have attracted public attention, shot and killed his wife at their home on Green Street in Springville last Friday night between 10 and 11 o’clock. Her married life was one long story of suffering, abuse and neglect. On Saturday night, Widrig walked into the Folts Hotel at Machias Junction about 8:30 and remained an hour.

He was not recognized at first, but when Frank Folts came to close the hotel, he saw that the man was the Springville murderer. He had known him well a few years before. Folts got him a drink of water and asked him about Springville. He answered that he hadn’t been there for some time. Then he went over to the station and Folts followed him. There Mr. Cashman surmised that it was Widrig, so he sent for Constable C.B. Sherman. Sherman had summoned Under-Sheriff Nate Williams of Franklinville.

Sherman came promptly and asked the man what his name was. He replied: “Warren.” “What is your other name?” asked Sherman. “Widrig,” replied the man. When Deputy Williams stepped into the depot, Folts said: “Mr. Williams, I want to introduce you to Mr. Widrig.” Both men stuck out their right hands and Williams clasped the handcuffs on his man.

When Widrig was captured, the officers found on his person a small amount of money, a jack knife and a bottle of medicine. The medicine had been prescribed by Dr. Kales and put up at Simnacher’s Drug Store in Franklinville. The three officers took their prisoner and drove to Franklinville, where they put up at William’s house on South Main Street, Williams and Sloan sitting up with the prisoner the rest of the night and Lany sleeping comfortably in a bed.

Sunday morning the Buffalo officers took the prisoner to Buffalo, where he now languishes safely behind prison bars. His promptness, energy and success in capturing Widrig shows the efficiency of Mr. Williams and he ought to be nominated for sheriff at the county convention to be held next week. He has thoroughly proven his fitness for the position.

Submitted by: William Watkins, Machias Deputy Town Historian
From: The Franklinville Journal – August 10th, 1897

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