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  Memories of Hillary Clinton
In the late 1980s I accepted a position as a Spanish teacher in the City of Buffalo School System. My assignment was at the Zoo School and at the Buffalo Museum of Science. My students ranged from 6th grade through 8th grade. The classrooms were actually located at these two places.

The City was experimenting with Magnet Schools and these two schools were designated as The Science Magnet School. My room was located over the bison enclosure and one day we actually witnessed the birth of a baby bison. Needless to say teaching a lesson on Spanish verbs proved impossible.

The idea of Magnet Schools attracted a great deal of attention and my teaching was continually interrupted by educators and visitors from throughout the country. One day the door opened and about 15 people walked in and circled the room. All of them were men with one exception. There was a young woman, petite and very slender. She was dressed in a black dress with high heels and completed her ensemble with a hat and white gloves. That was not the style at the moment and so she attracted my attention.

Later I asked another teacher who the female visitor was. The answer: "Oh she's the wife of the Governor of Arkansas." Her husband's goal was to improve the educational system in their state and so she was touring various schools to see the programs being used in different states.

At that time I was not familiar with the name Bill Clinton and never realized that he would become President of the United States. Neither did I suspect that his wife Hillary who observed my classroom could possibly someday be President.

I am writing this article in April 2016 amid all the debates and antics of the people vying for this position. I do not know if she will be the Democratic candidate. She has come closer to this office than any other woman. In November I will know for sure whether or not I can tell everyone that my classroom was once observed by a President of the United States.

~ Submitted by: Maggie Fredrickson
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