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In 2016 Darryl Clarke, the owner of 3 Park Square, gifted his building to IVHS. This 950 square foot, 2-story building, built in 1881, is in need of extensive repairs. In order to secure the building so we can use it as our research and genealogical center, renovation is essential.

We have already replaced the roof, so the space is now secure from the weather.

We are presently under contract to have necessary renovations performed. In order to get for additional funding for this project, we have set up a GoFundMe page. ALL donations are tax-deductible just in time for reporting your 2018 Income Taxes.

2nd Floor - January 2019 Conditions

The damaged floor on the left has been beautifully repaired. More photographs of the renovation progress will be published in the IVHS 2019 Spring Newsletter. Please encourage your friends, and other organizations to make a tax-deductible donation on our GoFundMe web page or send a check directly to IVHS, so we can keep the renovation moving forward. Thank you!

2nd Floor - November 2018 Conditions

Rear wall from the top of the second floor stairway. There will be windows in the wooden exterior wall where we can index existing records and cataloge new collections. To the left is an interior wall separating our future archives area from this office area.
Extensive floor damage was caused by a previously leaking roof. The roof has been repaired, but some debri has fallen through to the 1st floor.
Looking from the front windows, which will be replaced, toward the back interior wall. This is where our major collections will be archived.

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